about us

Vertical Aerospace is an international spare parts supplier and distributor ofcomponents, lubricants and other materials to the aviation industry. In addition, we stand out in distribution of aircraft tires, wheels and brakes of ATR 72, Airbus A300-600, A310, A320, A340 and Boeing B737, B747, B777.
Anextensive list of aircraft spare parts, components, consumables and specialist equipment is maintained in our warehouses in Sharjah, India and Singapore for most general aviation, business jet and regional airline aircraft. Our network is active 24x7 and fully equipped to support AOG situations.


Build one stop solutions for repair and overhaul of all aircraft components within india on the pillars of quality,safty,supreme customer service and employee gratification


To realize our vision, we will meticulously follow the below commandments

  • Our total focus is on customer satisfaction without compromising on quality at any stage.
  • Imparting latest technology and training to our employees and including human factors & safty management principles.
  • Provide quality service with competitive pricing and least turnaround time.
  • Expanding our capabilities to broad spectrum by covering all the aircraft models operated in india and neighboring countries.

What the company does

Vertical Aerospace provides commercial, and regional aircraft operators repair, overhaul, and inspection services for all major aircraft types. Ensuring our customers receive maximum quality and the shortest turn times possible. This capability includes all processes required to complete wheel and brake overhauls including inspection, non-destructive testing, painting, and final assembly. We are a true one-stop-shop for your wheel and brake requirements.

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